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If you consistently go to the gym, you'll build muscle; but by aligning your workouts with science you can maximise your gains.

Our AI, trained on the latest scientific research, will generate you a personalised program, and teach you how to train more efficiently.

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Train Smarter

Watched a lot of gym videos and still have questions?

Let our AI help: it summarises all the science into one place, and creates you a personalized program designed for maximum efficiency

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The key to fast progress is understanding the ‘why’ behind your gym program


This knowledge gives you the freedom to adapt your training to your needs

Are you short on time? Travelling? Keen to try new exercises? Looking to customize your program with exercises you enjoy the most?

We’ll teach you the science so you can optimise your training

What’s Included
Nate T.
Nate T.
2 years in gym
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I used to get all my fitness advice from YouTubers like Jeff Nippard, but I had to watch so many videos and still didn't completely understand what they were saying. Hyperficient has all the information in one place, which has made it a lot easier for me to learn
Dan F
Dan F
2 years in gym
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The value is insane. I've bought a single non-personalised program for the same price as Hyperficient. But with Hyperficient, you get not only a personalised program but also 30 other programs, and it even teaches you how to make your own. I'll never need to spend money on programming again
John H
John H
7 years in gym
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The programs are great, but the standout feature for me was the detailed information on how to create your own. I have spent years lifting and never really understood programming until I got Hyperficient. It explains complex info very concisely, and is easy to understand.
Darya S.
Darya S.
3 years in gym
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I was a user during the beta and I had my program changed from 5 days a week to 3. Turns out I was doing some exercises that weren't very effective. With my new program I am actually training less and still making great progress.
Amir S.
Amir S.
5 years in gym
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I've been gyming for a while and just used programmes I found online but I never really could tell what ones were good. Hyperficient's scientific explanations for stuff really helped me and are easy to wrap your head around.
Luma S
4 years in gym
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The ROI is a no-brainer. I am saving 2 hours each week in the gym, so it has paid for itself in a week.
John Doe
John Doe
8 years in gym
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I work 60 hour weeks and don't have time to look at scientific papers myself. This is a good 80/20, and I definitely learnt a few things.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Chat GPT, as a generalist model, processes a vast range of data, which includes both accurate information and misinformation.

Our AI specializes exclusively in hypertrophy science and is trained on carefully selected scientific data. We then cross-check it’s conclusions with industry experts.

Hyperficient offers a clear and straightforward summary of hypertrophy science, making it suitable for everyone from complete beginners to experienced personal trainers.

Whether you are trying to just get toned, lose a bit of fat, or maximise muscle gain, Hyperficient will help you do it efficiently!

Much of the fitness information available is anecdotal, typically following the logic: “If it worked for me or my clients, it should work for you too.” This only establishes correlation, not causation.

At Hyperficient, we use mostly meta-analyses and systematic reviews, which examine a range of controlled studies, and draw causation from them. 

Although this method isn’t flawless (training responses can vary), it provides a much more solid starting point compared to anecdotal evidence.

We handpick exercises based on resistance profile, loadability, and stability, then sequence them using biomechanic principles. Hyperficient uses a lower volume, higher intensity approach which aligns with the most recent scientific literature. 

Not necessarily. You’ll need at least some free weights — a home gym setup should work. However, Hyperficient primarily uses exercises that require more than bodyweight, so for the best experience, a commercial gym is recommended.

Hyperficient’s programs and information is targeted at Hypertrophy training. We don’t cover strength or calisthenics

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